The Demise of the Front Garden

As a garden designer, I am becoming increasingly aware of the demise of our front gardens. It seems that the car takes priority over the green space and where I live in Hitchin is no exception to this growing trend.

Many people now own more than one car and need to pave or concrete their front garden, however the end result should still be visually pleasing.

If designed well a front garden can have space for parking cars as well as areas for exciting plants that will encourage wildlife. There’s no limit to what you can grow in your front garden and a range of plants that will suit any aspect.

Using non permeable substances such as concrete and asphalt in our front gardens are impacting on the environment as well. Gardens soak up rain while less porous paving increase the amount of water that runs off and cause flooding.

Even the smallest front garden can be green and inviting, yet be practical at the same time.

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