Hellebores in Hertfordshire

Helleborus x hybridus Torquatus cross

It’s always exciting to discover new local things. Last week I visited Hertfordshire Hellebores based in Levens Green near Ware. It’s only 25 minutes drive from Hitchin and they are open from Jan 30th – March 31st.  In their large polytunnel you will find an excellent range of good quality plants for sale.

For garden designers hellebores are such a useful plant providing winter colour in areas of the garden that are sometimes difficult to fill. They grow well in semi shade under deciduous trees and thrive in moist soil.

Helleborus x hybridus White Spotted Double

Not being able to resist I bought two plants for my own garden and am now just waiting for the snow to stop so I can plant them!

Definitely worth a trip or visit their website here for mailorder information.

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