Snowdrop Showtime

My spirits lift when I see snowdrops. For such a small flower they give  enormous pleasure at what is such a gloomy time of year.

Galanthus nivalis

However small or large your garden snowdrops are a must for this time of year. They will delight even the grumpiest and reluctant gardener with their simple yet elegant beauty. Fantastically easy to grow you can use them in all sorts of ways in the garden.

Mix them with other miniature bulbs such as crocus and iris and you have an instant display of colour in a rockery or alpine bed. Alternatively plant them in containers with hellebores and place them on the patio where you can enjoy them.

Drifts of snowdrops

For a more traditional garden design that works well when you have space,  plant snowdops in dramatic drifts under deciduous trees or where they can naturalise in grass.

I took this photo recently whilst visiting Benington Lordship Gardens near Stevenage in Hertfordshire. The gardens are famous for the huge display of  snowdrops that cover most of the grounds around the Norman castle and house in February & March.

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