Planting Shallots & Digging Parsnips

Red Sun shallots for planting

Our allotment in Hitchin has been sadly neglected over the past few months. With biting winter winds and snow on the ground it’s been difficult to raise any enthusiasm for growing vegetables!

Armed with bags of shallots that I’ve recently bought from the local garden centre we set off this weekend to make amends.

Our garlic and onions were planted in the autumn and are now clearly visible poking through the soil. I saw these fantastic looking shallots called Red Sun which is a variety we’ve never tryed before and thought I’d plant a couple of rows to see how they fare. They will be ready for lifting sometime around June when the leaves turn yellow.

Freshly dug parsnips

As the soil was soft this weekend we decided to lift the remaining parsnips we had in the ground to store.

Last year I sowed two rows of parsnips, one of White Gem which never germinated and one of  Tender & True which you can seen in the photo. The end result was fantastic and they roasted beautifully too.

I’m just going to check my seed collection now to make sure I plant the same ones again this year!

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