Garden Design Favourite Perennials – Crocosmia

For a garden designer Crocosmia are vital for adding colour and structure to a border. Their funnel shaped flowers appear on arching stems that light up an area in the garden. I also love their fresh green strappy leaves. Because of their colour Crocosmia fit perfectly with hot colour borders but I think they look even better planted with evergreens and grasses.

I have two reliable favourites that I use regularly in people’s gardens, Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and Crocosmia ‘Emily Mckenzie’. ‘Lucifer’ is the tallest of all Crocosmia growing to around a metre in height and looks magnificent at the back of a border planted in bold swathes. ‘Emily Mckenzie’ is much smaller and suits the front of a border flowering from August right through to October.

Crocosmia are relatively easy to grow however I’ve found they do not like dry soil and will grow quite happily in damp shade. Also I’ve never had success growing them from corms (bulbs) and always buy them as container plants.

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