Garden Design Ideas Using Architectural Plants Agapanthus

Architectural plants are what give our gardens form, colour and drama. Garden designers love their strong and distictive shapes and one of my favourites is agapanthus.

They are strikingly beautiful plants with intensely coloured flowers that originate from South Africa. Agapanthus have lush strappy leaves and upright strong stems that are topped with balls of flowers. Incredibly versatile they work well both in minimalist modern gardens or traditional mixed borders.

However I think they make the best specimen plants for containers. Being drought tolerant and coping well in coastal areas with wind and salt makes them suited to a life in a pot. They flower from July to August and are best known for their shades of violet, purple and blue flowers. Like all plants in containers they need to be fed during the growing season and are happiest when placed in full sun. I overwinter my agapanthus every year in an unheated greenhouse and forget about them until March.

One of the best places to find out more and even buy agapanthus is the Hoyland Plant Centre.

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