Growing Chilli Peppers

 On our Hitchin allotment in Hertfordshire we always grow a number of chilli plants in the summer. They thrive in our poytunnel and remain easy and undemanding plants.

As part of my Christmas stocking last year I was given a packet of Black Pearl Chilli seeds by Unwins. I love growing new varieties of vegetables and seeing and tasting the end results.

This weekend we harvested our chillies and I’ve bagged them up ready to be used from the freezer. I haven’t cooked with them yet so not sure how hot they will be compared to other chillies.

They win the prize however for the most attractive chilli plant we’ve ever grown! The plants have stunning black foliage with lilac flowers and would look good in any garden let alone an allotment.

If you want to know where to buy seed for these chillies click here.

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