Parsnip Success 2012

Gladiator Parsnips

2012 has probably been our worst year for growing vegetables on our allotment in Hitchin, Herts. The extremes of temperature and rainfull were just too much for many of our crop to grow well and have left us disappointed and frustrated. However my spirits were lifted a few weeks ago when we dug our first parsnips.

They had germinated earlier in the year quite successfully and had some promising large leaves throughout the summer. After waiting patiently for the frost to turn their starch into sugar we decided to dig the first for our Sunday lunch. The results were amazing, the largest parsnips that we’ve ever grown. (Infact the largest so far has measured 13 inches long!) They’ve certainly lived up to their name of ‘Gladiator’ and guaranteed a place on our allotment next year.

As for taste, they couldn’t be better and luckily for us we’ve grown plenty so there won’t be a shortage for Christmas dinner.

The seeds were from Marshalls and you can click here to find out more.

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