Garden Design Architectural Plants – Parrot Tulips

Black Parrot TulipDesigning gardens is often about adding emphasis with your planting. These don’t have to be permanent features within the garden, infact adding seasonal interest to a particular spot often works better. Bulbs are perfect for this and one of my favourites are Black Parrot Tulips.

Planted in the autumn they will reward you with a dramatic and colourful display during April and May. I love these tulips for their black, purple flowers that have a rich satin sheen that looks simply amazing in the sun. They also have a frilly, crinkled edge to the petals which makes them differ to ordinary tulips.

Introduced in 1937 Tulipa Black Parrot is one of the darkest tulips available and makes a bold statement in any garden. I like to plant them amongst bright green foliage such as alchemilla mollis to provide contrast and make their maroon colour appear even deeper.

They are now easy to get hold of because of the increase in their popularity. In fact last year I bought some for my own garden from the market in Hitchin where I live which was great.

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