Hitchin Courtyard Garden

A garden to relax in but also easy to maintain were two of the main objectives for this garden design in Hitchin.


The original lawn had seen better days and it was decided from the very start to get rid of it and create a courtyard style garden instead. The lawn was replaced with an attractive Indian sandstone which lifted the entire space. Paving of various sizes  were used and edged with brick linking it with the existing old brick wall that enclosed the garden. Creating maximum interest with the hard landscaping was key to the garden being an interesting space and pleasant to be in. IMG_7676

A row of Italian Cypress trees were planted along one wall to give vertical interest to the garden and items of wrought iron were used as seating and trellis.

At the bottom of the garden a small, separate seating area was created with a stone water feature which provided the garden with a real ‘focal point’ away from the house.

As for plants, small evergreen Hebes complimented the trees and drought tolerant Sedums added colour and texture to the garden in the full sun.




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