Garden Design Process

The garden design process is more or less the same whether you have a small front garden or a large back garden to re-design.

If you are not sure of the difference between a garden designer and a garden landscaper then read this.

1. Initial Meeting

I usually come and visit you to have a short chat to find out the kind of things you would like to do and explain the garden design process to you. I live in Hitchin and  work mainly in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire particularly in Hitchin, Letchworth, Royston, Baldock, Stevenage, Knebworth, Welwyn Garden, St Albans, Harpenden, Luton and Bedford.

2.  Your Requirements in Detail

This is where we discuss your individual requirements in detail and tailor the project accordingly. It will focus on your practical as well as aesthetic needs. This session takes up to an hour and a half. The cost for this visit is £30 and will be deducted from the overall design cost should you wish to commission me to design your garden.

Following this meeting I will produce a proposal outlining your requirements and a cost for the garden design work.

3.  Garden Survey

This involves measuring the garden from which I will produce an accurate scaled drawing. I will also test the soil, note the aspect and detail any existing plants and features that are to remain in the garden.

4.  Garden Design Proposal

Following the garden survey I will produce a design proposal for you. This will outline my ideas for your new garden and also show the shape of the borders, any hard landscaping, (patios, paths, ponds, decking etc) required and an indication of the type of plants to be used.
We can discuss the design proposal to ensure you are happy with it and make any adjustments necessary before I produce a final design plan for you.

5.  Final Garden Plan

The final garden plan is a detailed, scaled drawing showing all the elements of your new garden design as well as a comprehensive planting plan detailing every new plant to be used its location and quantity.

These plans are drawn to enable you or any landscaper to create the final garden.

6.  Garden Construction

Many people like to use their local knowledge and employ their own landscaper or contractor to carry out the construction of their new garden. You may however prefer me to source one for you, whichever you decide I will be happy to help you.