How I Can Help You

Sedum What is a garden designer?

Many people get confused by the difference between a garden designer and a garden landscaper. The best analogy I like to use is to compare an architect with a builder.
An architect’s plan considers the use, needs, scale, proportion, style and the overall aesthetics of a building.

The builder then takes the architects plan to carry out the work. His is a physical role that concentrates on the raw materials he is using to achieve the final result.

They both use very different skills.

Why do I need a garden designer?

A garden designer’s role is very similar to that of an architect.

I take all of the practical considerations of your garden such as it’s soil type, aspect and shape and give you in return a design that not only looks fantastic and adds value to your property, but will look good for years to come

Gardens are an extension of our homes and ourselves they reflect our personalities and what we like and dislike.

Often people recognise what attracts them to particular plants, it may be the colour, shape, texture or price. What they don’t appreciate is what each plant needs to grow well and look good. All of us are guilty of disregarding the label and filling the hole in the border with what we like rather than with what would suit the spot best.

No garden is too small to be redesigned and benefit from using a specialist. We all live increasingly busy lives and deserve a welcoming space to come home to. More and more people now wish for a garden that is both easy to maintain and gives them all year colour and interest.

It may be that you need an area to sit out in and relax, or a better suited place for the children to play in (there are plants that can survive a football), or not sure where to put that vegetable plot. With my design knowledge and love of plants, I can help you to develop your ideas and create that outside space you’ve always dreamed of.