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Garden Design  Adding Autumn Colour

Garden Design Adding Autumn Colour

Designing gardens means using plants that will¬†look good throughout the year. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for colour. The rich yellows, oranges and reds are a welcome sight in the garden as everything else is dying back. Dogwoods make exceptional plants for winter interest because of their brightly coloured bark.¬†Cornus alba Kesselringii is … Continue reading

Winter Birch Bark

Winter Birch Bark

Birches are for me the ultimate tree for winter. Stripped of their leaves they can display their beautiful papery bark that is irresistable to touch. I photographed this pink and grey birch recently at The Cambridge Botanic Gardens. It’s a Chinese Paper Birch (Betula albosinensis var. septentrionalis) and planted in the full winter sun it’s … Continue reading